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  • Entity Framework leaves the door open to a SQL Injection attack?

    I couldn’t believe it when I read Julie Lerman’s post about EF and SQL Injection. She discovered that Entity Framework doesn’t use parameterized queries always! I had to try it for myself on Northwind database: var query = from c in entities.Customers ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on februar 9, 2009
  • Material from my "Making ORM applications more secure/Naredimo ORM aplikacije varnejše" presentation

    I posted both slides and demo code from my "Making ORM applications more secure/Naredimo ORM aplikacije varnejše" presentation held at Bleeding Edge conference in Portorož on 1.10.2008.The material is in Slovene language. Enjoy.
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on oktober 3, 2008
  • NTKonferenca 2008 Entity Framework slides

    You can download the slides of my Entity Framework presentation from NTKonferenca 2008. I hope you've enjoyed the presentation.
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on maj 17, 2008
  • LLBLGen Pro gets LINQ capability

    My favorite ORM tool just got better - Frans implemented Linq to LLBLGen Pro. He really implemented it to the last detail as he writes in a series of blog post (a must read for everybody doing LINQ to an ORM product). If you are a customer go grab the beta bits. If you are not, well, it is a reason more to become one.
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on marec 12, 2008
  • Is true belief a good attribute of an architect

    Recently I've came across this forum thread regarding the future of Developer Express' eXpress Persistent Objects for .NET (XPO) ORM product. Customers (actual ones, not potential) are asking whether XPO will someday support n-tier development. They are happily using XPO but they miss a vital part, which is n-tier development. Note that XPO never ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on februar 12, 2008
  • LINQ to SQL showstoppers

    I have to say that I like LINQ to SQL, heck, I even do presentations about it. So, it is a cute ORM. What is that good about it features LINQ. However, there are some serious showstoppers in there. One are more serious than the others. I won't deal with what's good about LINQ to SQL, rather I'll dive into showstoppers as I see them. So, let's ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on oktober 6, 2007
  • Speaking at CodeCamp in Zagreb, Croatia

    I am pretty busy lately and also have been attending CEE MVP Open Days 2007 summit in beautiful Cavtat right next Dubrovnik in beautiful warm weather. Nevertheless I've found enough time to (re)deliver LINQ to SQL presentation and co-moderate ORM - hero to zero round table on Saturday, 29th of September at CodeCamp. The ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on september 27, 2007
  • LLBLGen Pro got even better

    Frans released a new major version of his LLBLGen Pro ORM. Basically, a top notch ORM product got even better. Make sure you check the what's new list - and if you are looking for an (better) ORM, don't hesitate to give it a try, you won't regret it. The only feature I miss is LINQ support which is supposed to appear in ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on avgust 23, 2007
  • Microsoft ORM saga revealed

    Matt Warren talks about what happened to ObjectSpaces, WinFS and why Microsoft is going with LINQ to SQL as sole ORM product in Orcas wave. Very interesting read I have to say and kudos to Matt for such a revealing post. It actually reveals many (odd looking) decisions. They remain odd but at least one can understand the reasoning behind ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on junij 1, 2007
  • My ORM presentations at NT Konferenca 2007 (Slovene event)

    A year passed like nothing and NT Konferenca, biggest national Microsoft event, is here again. This year I'll be all ORM oriented, in fact, I'll give two presentations on topic: LINQ to SQL and ADO.NET Entity Framework (which was recently postponed to 2008  - won't make it into Orcas). Nedless to say that I am an ORM convert and ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on maj 9, 2007
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