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  • Autoimplement base class constructors with CodeRush

    How often do you derive a class and re-create all of the base constructors? This is not an uncommon task, let's take a custom exception class for example: public class MyException: Exception { } If you right click on Exception and pick Go to Definition from the context menu you'll see that the Exception class has four constructors: public ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on december 5, 2008
  • CodeRush Xpress is free

    A stripped (more express) version of CodeRush, called CodeRush Xpress, is available for download at no charge! And even a bunch of refactorings are included. See the announcement or go to the product page directly. Now you don't have any more excuses to avoid the very handy and useful CodeRush! UPDATE: I missed the fact that it works only ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on november 5, 2008
  • Visual Studio, CodeRush and Silverlight 2

    If your Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 freezes while creating a Silverlight project, or any other project then you might try switching off CodeRush add in. Yep, it causes Visual Studio to freeze when creating a shinny new Silverlight 2.0 application. I am sure that Developer Express folks will fix the problem very soon but for the time being just ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on oktober 15, 2008
  • Material from my "Making ORM applications more secure/Naredimo ORM aplikacije varnejše" presentation

    I posted both slides and demo code from my "Making ORM applications more secure/Naredimo ORM aplikacije varnejše" presentation held at Bleeding Edge conference in Portorož on 1.10.2008.The material is in Slovene language. Enjoy.
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on oktober 3, 2008
  • Developer Express offers free Silverlight grid: agDataGrid

    That's a Silverlight 2.0 data grid of course. They won't just ship agDataGrid for free, they'll include full source code, too. Looks like WPF and Silverlight are making companies to give away their grids for free (first Xceed with their DataGrid for WPF, now this). Nice trend, isn't it. And no, unfortunately isn't available just yet but it will ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on junij 10, 2008
  • Developer Express steps into WPF

    Developer Express, my favorite 3rd party .net component vendor, has just made its first public step into Windows Presentation Foundation world. They released a beta version of their charting product DXCharts for WPF (hey, where are those Xtra, Xpress, Express prefixes - ''DX for WPF'', shhh, boring ;-)). Anyway, everything is as one would expected ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on maj 7, 2008
  • ASPxGridView, MS Ajax and XYDataSource

    If you use Developer Express ASPxGridView within MS Ajax' UpdatePanel (ASPxGridView.EnableCallBacks="False") you should be aware that you should perform DataBind() method within OnInit method (Init event). Otherwise editing just won't work, or better, it works, just the modifications aren't persisted. It took me some time to ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on marec 31, 2008
  • Is true belief a good attribute of an architect

    Recently I've came across this forum thread regarding the future of Developer Express' eXpress Persistent Objects for .NET (XPO) ORM product. Customers (actual ones, not potential) are asking whether XPO will someday support n-tier development. They are happily using XPO but they miss a vital part, which is n-tier development. Note that XPO never ...
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on februar 12, 2008
  • Righthand Dataset Debugger Visualizer goes 2008 and looses expiration restriction at the same time

    As a (late) new year gift I've removed annoying expiration restriction from my dataset debugger visualizer. Find the 0.9.12 update here. I've also rebuilt it for Visual Studio 2008 version which will be the only one supported from now on. Find the 0.9.12 version for 2008 here. Read more about Righthand Dataset Debugger Visualizer.
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on januar 14, 2008
  • Righthand Dataset Debugger Visualizer

    Important notice Righthand DataSet Visualizer has moved to: http://blog.rthand.com/page/Righthand-Dataset-Debugger-Visualizer.aspx This page is obsolete.
    Posted to Righthand blogs (Weblog) by Miha Markic on januar 14, 2008
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