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Is floppy disk drive dead? Apparently not.

Do you think that a floppy drive is a relict from the past that you won't need ever again? Think again:

Recently I found myself installing Windows XP 64bit edition on an Athlon 64 powered machine. The thing had also two 250Gb disks in RAID 0 and no floppy whatsoever (who needs a floppy these days anyway?). The RAID feature was provided by nForce 4 chipset. So I went installing new and shiny 64bit OS. The shock came soon: at setup boot time OS didn't recognize nForce 4 RAID (I didn't expect that it would) and required a floppy disk with drivers to be inserted. It won't accept anything else than floppy. USB - no. CD - no. DVD - no. Nothing. It had to be a floppy. The same situation occurs with other Window OS flavours, including 2003. Again, who would need a floppy on a server machine? Obviously everybody that wants to install Windows with a RAID array not provided on installation CD. After googling around I found that there is an option to create an unattended setup which isn't that easy to worth bother. So I went disassembling my kid's computer, extracted dusty 3.5" floppy and connected it to the thing I was installing Windows on. It took me 4 floppies to find a working one (without all sorts of errors) to copy nVidia RAID drivers. After that the install went smoothly.

The bottom line is: don't throw away floppy drives as you might need one in the near future. Or, perhaps the hardware manufacturers might start producing floppy drives for one use only.

Published 8. januar 2006 20:23 by Miha Markic
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