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Building XpoLinq

Developer Express recently released first beta version of their XPO2 ORM product to their subscribers (currently there are also betas of both XtraCharts and XtraLayout - all of these betas look really good). Since I've already dived into Linq/DLinq world I soon missed Linq features for doing queries. Thus I couldn't resist and started implementing it myself - hence the XpoLinq project is born. Here is an example of syntax:

RhCollection<Address> address = from a in addresses where a.City == "Nova Gorica" select a;
Note that Linq is used only for creating select expressions while behind the scenes runs XPO2.
XpoLinq syntax and has few benefits over existing Xpo CriteriaOperator syntax:
- intellisense support (a.City)
- code checking during compile time
- integrates with Linq (you can mix queries between Xml, DLinq, XLinq and any other Linq compliant subset)
I find all of these points above extremely useful features that should be present asap in any product that does queries. Perhaps the only problem is that Linq is still far away to being released (but it is very functional right now) and using its features for short time projects might be risky. Anyway, whether I continue work on XpoLinq is unknown depending on several factors: my time, DevExpress implementing it, my curiosity, etc. Regardless if my XpoLinq lives or not it has been certainly an interesting Linq learning experience.
Published 6. januar 2006 9:53 by Miha Markic
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